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Link-type indicator stand r=200mm switch-on/off magnet 350N

Link-type indicator stand r=200mm switch-on/off magnet 350N
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Item no: 34020 118

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Small type. Particularly suitable for lever gauges. With switch-on/off magnet, 750 N adhesion force. Exact positioning within seconds. FISSO indicator stands can be positioned exactly with ease. Mechanical central lock for tightening and loosening of all three joints. Short clamping distance for greatest comfort. Powerful and permanent clamping. Friction clamping based on an infinitely adjustable, solely mechanical clamping system. The indicator stands are extremely stable thanks to the high-precision ball joint. Due to the pre-clamping the indicator stands will not collapse when loosened. This protects your measuring instruments. Maintenance-free, long service life. Precise micro fine adjustment. Made of steel, free from float, for exact positioning of the measuring instruments and high measuring and repetition accuracy. Combination mount for dial indicators, electronical lever gauges Ø 8 mm and lever gauges with dovetail. Delivery in polystyrol or cardboard box, dial indicator and lever gauge not included.

High precision ball joints made of steel, red eloxed transverse arms made of high quality light metal, micro fine adjustment device made of steel.

Dial indicators and lever gauges see cat.- no. 33001 cont. and 33246 cont.

Technical data

Overall height mm: 310
Working radius mm: 200
Base size mm: 60 x 50 x 55
Magnetic force approx. N: 750

More details
No further details available
Keywords: Indicator, support, Precision, Link-type, indicator, stands, Link-type, indicator, stand

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