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Holder for 21 milling cutters 12 mm Ø

Holder for 21 milling cutters 12 mm Ø
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Item no: 16005 105

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Rectangular (140 x 70 x 30 mm), shank mounting boreholes with same diameter for storing milling cutters with same shank diameter. Stand body made of red injection plastics. Stable, handy, good fit. Tools with short shank are stored in such a way that they can be taken out easily. All holes are open at the bottom, therefore no blockage, caused by, e.g. chips.Slightly tapered holes for easy handling of milling cutters. Milling cutters not included.

The different stand types can be completed to a stand storage system. Each stand element equipped with dovetail couplings on the sides. They provide an invisible connection, therefore combinations look like a one-piece unit.

Technical data

Shank mounting boreholes mm: 12
end milling cutter capacity pcs.: 21

More details
No further details available
Keywords: End, milling, cutter, stand, Stand, End, milling, cutter, Plastic, stand, Stand

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